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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh Look! A Bright Shiney Object In CD2!

Wow, This just in: According to Strib writer Eric Roper only millionaires or fully employed candidates should run for office in CD2...how pathetically unnewsworthy is that especially when Congressman Kline has such a rich history of voting corporate interests while feeding at the special interest tough.

OMG, what's next a job fair with no jobs to be had? Deciding to balance the US deficit on kid's school lunches instead of war profiteers? Give me a break, no wonder newspapers are failing and dying when they shrill meaningless crap instead real news!

Earth to Roper, a lot of Americans are unemployed, it's not a sin, a sign of weakness, or a criminal act! Our economy is suffering, there's five people for every one job opening! Maybe your story would have been significant if you pointed our Congressman Kline brought us to this point by eight years of voting his far right ideology including voting for bank bail out but against finance reform. Now that is a story based on facts that affect us all.

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Minnesota Central said...

Frankly, I would encourage every voter who plans to participate in the DFL primary election to read Roper's piece ... then ask yourself, which of the two candidates will help the party in the general election.

Apathy should be a major concern for the DFL in November. Without a US Senate or Presidential contest, the key question is : Which Second District Congressional candidate can help win the Governor and Minnesota Legislature seats.

The endorsing convention spoke months ago ... has Mr. Powers done anything to excite voters since then ? Mrs. Madore has been able to get a couple of endorsements despite not being the endorsed candidate ... are those groups expressing concerns with Mr. Powers ? What is Mr. Powers signature issue ? I have not heard one ... don't tell me "jobs" ... that's as broad as a Republican that will tell you "cut taxes".

You've have outlined good reasons why Mr. Kline should not be given another term, but I have not heard one reason why Mr. Powers should be on the ballot over Mrs. Madore.

The timing of Mr. Roper's piece should be looked at as a gift ... the MN-GOP must have winced ... thinking that they would characterize Mr. Powers as Minnesota's Alvin Greene. It's not too late to vote for a candidate that may drive voters to the polls in November. Mr. Emmer may have his own problems, but that doesn't mean that there will not be some coattails. Remember those seats in the state legislature.