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Friday, July 23, 2010

CD2 Loser Awards

CD2 Loser Awards.

Huh? Why on earth would the winner want to continue to debate the loser. Been there done that already...You lost...Move on.

John Kline's Security and Freedom PAC is donating to criminals politicians with strong greed moral values just like him. MN Political Roundtable has the story...Is it just me or does his PAC name sound like a feminine hygiene product?

It's Friday...go out and have fun this week. I'll be right along side ya!

I love this video: "Forces of Evil in a Bozo Nightmare"

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Minnesota Central said...

Can you educate an independent voter (which means that I do not feel I have the right to tell a political party whom they should put on the November ballot), why there is so much Internet chatter about Madore breaking her pledge to abide by the endorsement ?

What’s the purpose of a primary ? IMO, the endorsing convention confirms that the endorsed candidate on the primary ballot satisfies the party’s goals … but that does not mean that others could not also meet those goals.

Why is there not more anger at Matt Entenza … am I not correct that he went into the endorsing convention, gave a speech, calculated that he would lose and withdrew his name ? Should he get a pass since he did not state that he would abide by the endorsing convention ?

If I were Dan Powers, I would welcome this opportunity (and so should the rank-and-file.) The endorsement would mean that a majority of the 128 elected delegates thought I am the best to challenge Kline … but by continuing the campaign against Madore and beating her in the primary, then I would excite more voters and prove my electability.

Frankly, since the endorsing convention, Madore has gotten the endorsement of a number of groups (at least her website states that.) Madore has her 35 cent tour.
What has Powers done other than a few parades ? I have asked the Powers campaign for press releases … and have not gotten any. Powers website is void of an issues page. Is it true that Powers will not attend the candidates forum at FarmFest ... why is he not engaging rural voters.

Lastly, what will happen if Madore wins the primary ?

Please use your blog to tell voters why Powers is best … and if they want to know why they should not vote for Kline, send them to my blog where I have listed a number of reasons why Kline has failed Minnesota.