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Thursday, July 08, 2010

MN Tip #1: Don't Dine with Emmer!

Emmer Fudge Time
Sure Tom Emmer, Republican gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota, has given us the myth of the $100K a year waitress but I’m going to give everyone a free tip that probably isn’t a myth…don’t accept an invitation to dine publicly by Tom Emmer. I’m thinking many of the waitresses probably resent him trying to steal from their puny salaries. I’m not saying waitresses will retaliate but why take a chance, lots of videos of food being mess with  on the Internet (warning may make you sick!)..just don't bite-)…on second thought the best way to get even is just not vote for the jerk!

The Local Cupboard
The number of Minnesotans that use food shelves is already up 10% from 2009. But there is some good news in that the Minneapolis Farmers Market has just rolled out their EBT acceptance program. As of July 1st, it joins the Midtown Farmers Market and the Northeast Minneapolis Farmers Market in helping bring low-income families and healthy foods together. Hopefully most local farmers Market will soon join this trend to offer wholesome, local and sustainable food to low income families.

Show Me The Bacon
Remember when happy hour had some pretzels and half priced beer! Well show me the bacon! Bacon is the latest fad including here in Minnesota . Ah “a basket heaped with a fistful of the stuff [bacon].” And beer! Must be getting close to lunchtime because I can smell the bacon. This reminded me of that dog commercial where the dog repeatedly screams BACON! Bacon! Bacon! Show me the Bacon!...or is that me? Did I just scream Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, out loud? LOL

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