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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shelley Madore's Broken Promise

Dan Powers, Congressional Candidate in Minnesota's Second Congressional District was endorsed in a very open and well attended convention by grassroots activists made up from each Senate District in CD2. Much like the other eight Congressional Districts in Minnesota.

During the convention both candidates (Dan Powers and Shelley Madore) promised to abide by the CD2 endorsement. Yes they said it, out loud, on stage for all to hear (see the below video!). Unfortunate in Shelley's case it appears to be a promise made when she thought she would win...(sigh...doesn't anyone believe in keeping their promises?) This really goes to character...how good is your word? Do you keep your promises? Shouldn't the candidate you elect keep their promises?

Shelley Madore broke her promise and is running without the DFL Party's endorsement. What's worse is when her campaign, instead of focusing on John Kline, attacks the legitimately endorsed Democratic candidate Dan Powers.... Just for the record it's not dodging when the already declared winner chooses not to debate the loser!

Additionally Shelley's campaign's game of side stepping the Democratic political process of endorsement by implying it came about in a smoke filled back room...really? That's as good as lying...er...it is a lie!
I'm not trying to demonize Shelley, she's done a lot of good in the past and will continue to do so, but let's not do the opposite and demonize those that participated in an open, fair, balanced and honest caucus system that lead to an endorsed DFL party candidate like Dan Powers!

Had Madore won CD2's endorsement, we wouldn't be having a debate by her staff regarding the viability of party endorsements over primaries. If there's a civics lesson here, it's how to win or lose gracefully without breaking promises, resorting to half truths, calling out the winner, or malingering the participants. 

CD2 has been under the worse kind of right wing Congressman (Kline-R) for eight years. All Democrats need to unite in fighting John Kline to win this election.  Until Shelley drops her anemic, failing campaign, and actually joins with us in helping to defeat Kline... all CD2 Democrats stand to lose.


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Holly Cairns said...

Thanks for this. My thoughts exactly on what Dan Powers should be spending time on...