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Friday, July 30, 2010

Emmer Hits Smarmy On Yuk Scale

It's official, Emmer has hit smarmy on the yuk scale...It's not so much that he apparently has a drinking problem (well come on 2 DWIs!), but that he sees them as 'no big deal' and sponsors a bill to lessen the penalties for DWI (gives a whole new meaning to self serving!). With that kind of history I wouldn't let my dog ride in a car he was driving regardless of how long ago he got 'caught' arrested. Once is a mistake, more than that is a pattern of behavior that show a lack of judgement, control, and personal disciple.

What's next...will Emmer defend Target's spending as freedom of speech?...er..sigh...just keep saying "Government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the people, for the corporation..." This sure as hell ain't Kansas America any more.

PS...On another track: This sounds down right ominous: Speaking from an undisclosed location in London this week, Assange told Forbes that WikiLeaks' coming disclosures will include information on BP. Can't wait for this one...

We made it another week...enjoy the weekend and don't drink and drive like Mr. Emmer.

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