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Monday, September 29, 2008

Where's Wardlow?

Minnesota Rep. Lynn Wardlow(R- SD38B) has been consistent in not showing up for debates. But he's in good company in the southern suburbs as it seems many of our local republican'ts are bothering to show up at debates. Wonder why-)

I guess it hard to defend their last two terms of supporting Governor Pawlenty's administration that slashed funding to education, health care, transportation and the infrastructure. Not much to be said when you have one of these 'do nothing records' that supported in lock-step the bankrupted GOP philosophy of not taxing the wealthly two percenters.

Wardlow is particularly a republican puppet...even down to being told what to vote. While he seems like (and I hear is) a nice guy, his record is one of total GOP support like not supporting new funding for education, to voting against most environmental issues.

Being a school teacher and coach in the past, many vote for him because of previous interactions with him during school. However, times have changed including Wardlow's lost of endorsement from even Education Minnesota to his challenger DFL candidate Mike Obermueller.

So all in all, being a 'no show' is probably a face saving move by Wardlow and the other southern suburbs republicans. It's easier than explaining their dismal records of not supporting those that elected them to office.

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