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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lipstick Logic

“If we can cut through the nonsense and the lipstick and the pigs and the silliness, then I'm absolutely convinced that we're going to win,” -Mr. Obama

Plan to attend one of the rallies tomorrow (Friday) when McCain/Palin are in the Minnesota? Be prepared. Sounds like McCain is attempting to make it look like no-one is opposed to his policies by misuse of the police. hmmm..sounds like a page from someone else's playbook...

"Leaders of the protest, which had been arranged and publicized by local unions and the Ohio Democratic Party, said that as many as several hundred people had been expected to attend, but police were not letting them through roadblocks surrounding the area."

Locally on Friday there's two rallies...one by the Obama folks on Nicollet Mall at Noon, the other by everyday activist closer to the McCain/Palin location at 1700 105th Ave NE in Blaine (runs into Radisson Rd). Could be more but that's all I've heard of...

Need some ideas for signs...try the new Lipstick Issues...The War, The Economy, The Banking/Housing/Job Crisis, Healthcare, Bridges falling down, Poverty, MN 22 year high UNEMPLOYMENT!

Or maybe the old saying with a new twist: Read my Lipstick!:
Women for Obama!
Veterans for Obama!
Navy Veteran for Obama!
Lutherans for Obama!
Communities for Obama!
People for Obama!

Social Security: Don't Kiss it Goodbye! Huamn Rights: Don't Kiss them Goodbye!

Look for me at one or the other...I'll be the one with red lipstick!

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