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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dreams Can Come True

Our family’s economic well being was founded on my husband’s college degree. It’s true- For years we lived a feast and famine life style where our main income came from his music playing. It was fun, diverse, and very ‘m-TV-like’ but the money was never as predictable or regular as the expenses. Then in his mid 30s, living on a converted school bus with a couple of kids, my husband made the decision to start college and become an engineer.

It wasn’t easy; we struggled with covering college expenses while trying to maintain a roof and food for the family. By the time he graduated, we had a school debt of several thousand dollars. But lucky for us, the engineering field was booming. I’ll never forget his first engineering job. In one month his salary was more than we had made the whole year before!

His degree was the keystone to our family’s economic well being. In addition we became a source of taxable revenue for our community, state and federal. We spent more which improved the economic well-being of others within the community. It was a classic example of an education paying for itself.

Recently, Al Franken proposed a $5,000 college tuition tax cut. In a press release Franken said: “A college diploma is more than a dream for Minnesota families – it’s practically a requirement for middle-class prosperity.”

My family can attest both to the dream and prosperity of education. It was our ‘ticket to success’. Now go vote....and remember dreams can come true if you make the right choices.

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