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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Norm Coleman:The Perfect Lipstick Pig

How do you support someone with a record like Norm Coleman? Well you certainly can't use his record of voting lockstep with Bush or his inability to use oversight in safeguarding our economy while using it to undermine the USA's foriegn policy. Even Coleman can't defend his voting record or why he's proud to continue the Bush Legacy into a McCain presidency (see below video).

Because of Coleman's sorry ass record, the RNC is also forced to use lies, slurs, implied emotions and innuendos to make their case against Al Franken. This just goes to show...because Norm doesn't have a record leg to stand on, he and his supporters have to wallow in the mud like all lipstick pigs...

Lobbyists for McCain made it onto the floor of the Republican National Convention on Sept. 3 and handed out "Proud McCain-Bush Republican" stickers to unsuspecting convention-goers. Some interesting responses in the video, including Sen. Norm Coleman breaking down into gibberish when asked about Bush. And while McCain was inside talking about "change" and "reform" -- McCain supporters talked about how "George" McCain will proudly continue the Bush legacy, and how this is a "stay-the-course" election.

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