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Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Women No Cry

Don't you just love the new 419 emails...Most of us have received at lease a dozen 419 emails over the last decade. It's the oldest and most common of internet scams. Here's a link to the secret service for more information. My advice? Don't feed them. Unfortunately, we have to hope our congress is listening to us and not the Bu$hco and his latest scam.

And while we're on the subject of Bush's 'dire' consequences...women have faced these economic consequences for a long time now. According to Sara Gould, CCC Board Member and President and CEO the Ms. Foundation. Read it here.Women still get paid only 77 cent for every dollar a man makes (hasn't changed since 2001!). And this disparity is greater among women of color.

The largest group of working poor is women. We are 68 percent of minimum wage earners. We are the most poor Americans. Women with children comprise 39 percent of the poorest in America. The povery rate for single female-headed households is higher than any other demographic group.

Give all that, any economic downturn impacts low-income women and their families the hardest, growing their ranks.

"The current instability roiling Wall Street's markets will lead to an increasingly dire economic situation for women. This is especially true for low-income women, women of color, single mothers and others who have long experienced the disproportionate impact of flawed economic policies."
The current economic downturn will impact low-income women and their families the hardest, and drive even more into poverty. 60 percent of families now comprising the bottom fifth of income - will be there ten yeas from now.

So when you hear how dire things are...remember that for the majority of women, things have been dire for a long time. And until there's help for us, don't expect any support or applauds for a 'bailout' to white male dominated businesses that made record profits on our backs. Angry? Hell Yes!

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