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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday's Kool-Aid

Save the Rich!
Good news Pawlenty (government by veto) and the ‘no new tax’ posse can easily move to where taxes aren’t paid because everyone is leaving! In fact more leave than die! That’s how well a ‘no taxes’ model works… Jason Lewis is whinning at the WSJ but really, if it’s sooooooo bad, why not move back to Colorado or try a 'no taxes' country. Why?

The price of an congressional endorsement?
I see Betty McCollum endorsed Mike Ciresi before letting the rank and file decide...but not before she accepted almost $65,000 in contributions from the law firm that Ciresi is a partner and director. Priceless.

Never too early to start the campaigning…Mark Dayton is looking ahead to 2010 in Minnesota!

A Winner Not Running…
Gore is pulling STRONGLY as a top candidate, and he isn't even running yet...(or IS he?) more here and here.

Envision Impeachment
It’s nice to know Minnesotans can still have some creative fun while we work away at the serious stuff.

Oh, Oh, Obama
As his campaign has become bigger and more centralized Obama seems to have surrounded himself with top-down assholes. Makes him look as bad as his minions but then there’s also his vote that favored banks and credit card companies over…us. I agree you that you won't agree with any elected official all the time, but too many are willing to make Obama into a saint…and he isn’t by a long shot. Before you drink the Kool-Aid read the label carefully…(that would apply for all of them!). Still anyone of them are better than what the GOP are offering up.

Minnesota Nice Training
Don’t suppose QE2 will make it to Minnesota…but if she does, I’m ready.

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