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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Minnesota GOP Humor Is Not So Nice

Minnesota Monitor’s Jeff Fecke has an interview with local Republican Senate District 51 Chair Andy Aplikowski who now is backing away from an interview saying ‘it was all a joke’.

Of course, he was lying before but not now!...…no wait..it was a joke! Really? Which time? What part?

There’s nothing funny - no excuse, alibi or justification for any of the racist comments made…No-one is laughing at the imus-ish humor from the Republican Senate District Chair:

I am a bit worried about your boy Obama though. He used to worship that Allah, and his middle-name is Hussein. Coincidence????

Those kind of people are nuts, and the last thing we need is anotherMuslim in DC, let alone the White house. Ellison is enough. It scares me to even think about what he is sending thru CAIR to bin Laden and Iran. I bet Obama would sign a new NATO-esque agreement with Syria and Iran and attack Europe and Israel.

Anyone but a Democrat I suppose would be just dandy. Unless Shrillary could shed about 50 pounds and drop the sourthern twang. Then, well, maybe. I would just love to see how Slick Willy sneaks 'nappy headedhos' into the Oval Office behind her back now.

Seriously, when is the last time you or your readers have seen them together? I am thinking it was his Library and Massage parlor opening. Maybe a funeral. Other than that, have they even been in the same frame of a picture?

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