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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Minnesotan 101

The DFL controlled legislature have resolved to send a spending bill that is honest both in method and intent. Instead of slashing programs until they hurt Minnesota, they determined to control costs but to preserve education, human services, transportation needs, and public safety. Instead of borrow against future revenues (and paying interest), the DFL has decided to tax those wealthiest among us who haven't been paying their fair share. In exchange, Minnesotas will see a lowering in their property taxes, and the funding of needed, critical services by budgeting instead of by chance through the GOP's 'pawlenty of fees'.

The bill will boost Minnesota's economy and provide for it's continued finacial health including the state reserve. I expect Pawlenty to veto it in the name of partisan politics. Business as usual for the GOP!

Billboard on I94:
'Liberalism 101 - Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend'

Per Alan Olson in Minneapolis:
'Conservatism 101 - Borrow, borrow, borrow, spend, spend, spend'

Per Gov. Pawlenty:
'GOP 101 - Borrow, borrow, borrow, slash education, slash public safety, slash insurance, save the wealthy'

DFL and TruthSurfer:
'Minnesotan 101 - honesty, fairness, equality'

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