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Thursday, May 24, 2007

PIM Banking On A Winner In CD2?

Normally I wouldn't refer to Politics in Minnesota because given the whole PIM-MDE lawsuit thingy regarding Coleen Rowley (google if you must)...But...I was amused that they gave the label ‘highly-respected’ to a bank owner! When did bank owners become that? Shouldn’t those that fight for the poor, underprivileged and down trodden be highly respected…and not the money lenders or did I miss the point of that biblical teaching.

Maybe David Metzen is highly respected but by whom and for what...or again, is it just the money (aka potential PIM money) that makes him respected? Should voters in the Second Congressional District just forgo elections and crown the richest baron into office? What about addressing some issues? Was any of this considered by PIM?

Naturally given the recent Metzen DWI, David won't now benefit as much from the name recognition... via PIM:

David Metzen
The most impressive name out of the block is U of M Regent David Metzen, brother to President of the State Senate, Sen. Jim Metzen (DFL-St. Paul) and a highly respected bank owner. Metzen would immediately garner a significant fundraising base as well as the ability to compete with Kline on business issues. He would benefit from his brother's profile, as "Metzen" gives him a slight jump-start in the name-recognition game. He was seen making the rounds at the DFL Humphrey Day Dinner last Saturday, and the Ranger party on Monday.

Jack Haugen
Jack Haugen is the mayor of Prior Lake, one of the most rapidly growing suburbs in the Twin Cities, and in the Second Congressional District. As owner of the American National Insurance Company, he is also a small business leader. Haugen has been mayor of Prior Lake since 2001 and during that time the growth of the city ballooned. He presumably has a good relationship with the Mdewakanton Sioux, having had to work with them on many issues with the city. While Haugen had been making the rounds only a few weeks ago, we now hear that he has had second thoughts.

Stephen Sarvi
Stephen Sarvi, the former mayor of Watertown and former city administrator of Victoria, could be a sleeper and is considering a run. Sarvi is currently deployed in Iraq as a member of the Minnesota National Guard. He has reportedly had his father meet with staff at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) about his campaign. On paper, Sarvi could be a formidable candidate, like Rep. Tim Walz (DFL-MN1) was, or he could simply be an amateur up against the pro, Kline.

While Democrats thought 2006 was the year to defeat Kline, 2008 may be a better year. The war in Iraq is even less popular and with a strong presidential turnout, the second district could be more competitive than in other years. DFL legislative pick-ups in Eagan, Burnsville and Apple Valley in 2006 show that once-placid GOP waters could turn in the perfect storm.

Kline will have the fundraising and discipline to run a strong race but the current field could make the last two opponents quickly forgettable.


Anonymous said...

I suppose there can be respected and non respected bankers. The name Neil Bush with Silverado Savings & Loan comes forward as an example.

Anonymous said...

Dave Metzen has gained enormous respect as an educator (teacher, principal, superintendent), a member of the University Minnesota Board of Regents, and for running the Dodge Nature Center for three years, among other accomplishments. He became a board member of a bank to help a smaller bank against larger financial institutions (hardly a "banker").

truthsurfer said...

Ah, living in the same Senate District as Mr. Metzen, I didn't know how well respected he was because he's never attended any local SD events...I guess it's a lot like Ciresi, I don't hang out too much with the money crowd, and they don't bother with the local DFL...that would explain why he demanded that Brian Melendez endorse him for office without going through caucus. David Metzen didn't know the system because he never bothered to participate in it at that level(you would have thought he'd at least talk with his brother!?).

But as you state he's still highly respected. nice