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Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday’s Mixed Bag O’Nuts

The Disconnect of Old Math
Pawlenty = VETO
Bush= VETO
Pawlenty + Bush = VETO

Effin Unbelieveable, from Polinaut this morning:
A potential GOP candidate in Minnesota's 1st Congressional District says he told DFL Rep. Tim Walz about his possible plans to run against him. He was in Washington to lobby Walz on a bill. "Excuse me Congressman. I would really like your support on this project. By the way, I would also like your job." (ba da bing!)

Wolf Road Kill
Wolfowitz resigned yesterday. Reaction at the World Bank Headquaters: Everyone ran into the hallways and were clapping and hugging each other,"

New State DFL Kids
The State DFL announce it’s new communications team…two hard-working and highly respected DFLers: Kelly Schwinghammer as Communications Director and John Stiles as Associate Communications Director. Congrats to both, now get to work!

Two Penquins and Airport Security
A priest, a rabbi, and two penquins walk into an airport bar….The bartender says, Hey what is this, some kinda joke?

To do list
Kline, DeLay, Rumsfeld,Wolfowitz, Gonzales, Rove, Bush

Have a great weekend!

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