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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Seven Not So Lucky

Seven is the number of spots on a common ladybug, the number of dwafts in Snow White, and the number of Democrats it took to end a different direction for the Iraq war...

The attempt to override Bu$h's veto of the Iraq funding bill needed a two-thirds majority in each house. As expected the vote was 222 to override and 203 voting to sustain.

The 7 Democrats who voted for Bush's and Cheney's war without end were:

  • John Barrow (GA)

  • Dan Boren (OK)

  • Lincoln Davis (TN)

  • Jim Marshall (GA)

  • Jim Matheson (UT)

  • Michael McNulty (NY)

  • Gene Taylor (MS)

Hopefully it won't be 7 more years of an endless illegal war...

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