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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

'You Know You Make Me Wanta Shout!'

Come on you bigoted holierthang*d jerks...there is no 'marriage issue'...it doesn't threaten marriages (trust me after 36 years of marriage never once was it threaten or harmed by gay marriage!), it doesn't pose a  "dangerous risk" to society. and 'it' (one man:one woman only marriage) isn't a critical question as presented by the poisoned wealthy asshole archbishop and the soulless Illuminati of freak bishops that follow his lead.

This is a politically charged crusade against gays raised four weeks before the new Minnesota Governor takes office.... Cut the crap and call it for what it is:  A power grab by old men in black clothing attempting to throw support to GOP Mad Hatter and Teabagger Tom Emmer while controlling what goes on between adults and denying basic civil marriage rights...And oh yeah, an 'anonymous donation' !? Tell me another one about how moral these bastards are that they won't even disclose where the money came from (mana from heaven?)...May they burn in hell. Amen

Mo' Trouble At UofM
We've all been there...a frat party like in the movie 'Animal House' where the sheer number of partiers made it impossible for fraternities to control who's in their house and what up they're up...the booze flows and drugs are dappled with...

According to the 'Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life' "Being a fraternity or sorority member is unlike any other experience you will ever have". Unfortunately, for three girls in the last couple of weeks, that experience included rape. The police say the three assaults are not related to each other but alcohol was a factor in each. The rapes prompted the 24 fraternity leaders at the University of Minnesota to take the unusual step of banning alcohol whenever guests are present.

In listening to interviews with party attendees, I was fascinated with what the girls were saying...they all said they never attend these parties alone, they always have someone who 'looks out' for them, and that you need to be 'smart' about your personal safety....

sigh, I better talk some more with my daughter as she will be going to college next year...

Less' Trouble At UofM
A couple of weeks after the University of Minnesota announced they would not allow the showing of the documentary "Trouble Waters" due to 'concerns about it's content', they've changed their minds...The film is a documentary on the state of the Mississippi River and how runoff from agricultural fields and cities contributes to pollution in the Gulf of Mexico. An Emmy Award-winning team from Minnesota created the film that uses beautiful photography and inspiring narrative, offering solutions to the river's troubles through fresh ideas and concrete solutions.

The Oct. 3 screening will be held at the Bell Museum on the U of M's Minneapolis campus and be followed with an open forum discussion. The film is also scheduled to be broadcast on Twin Cities Public Television tpt2 on Tuesday, October 5 at 8 PM, and again on October 6 at 2 AM. A third broadcast is set for October 6 at 4 PM
Sure it's an oldie...

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