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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Democratic Rep Sandra Masin (MN-02-38A) or Teabagger Diane Anderson?

In CD2 there are several races seen to be close by the political pundits...one is between Rep Sandra Masin (D-38A) and challenger Diane Anderson (R).  Being a bit of an issue wonk, I took a look at each of their positions...and it became apparent that while Sandra Masin issue's are based solid and proven facts with a voting record to support that, Ms. Anderson is something of a weak teabagger...white washing issues with broad stokes of cute slogans and mantras and little understanding of the big picture...let's review some of Diane Anderson's failed policy stances:

Drill Baby Drill:
D Anderson: "To lower the gas prices the government should get rid of the government restrictions and allow the usage of the natural resources we have in the United States"
Me: Wonder what the gulf coast residence think of getting rid of government restrictions since the BP spill? I don't hear anyone anymore chanting the 'drill baby drill' mantra...er, wait...., no not even them now...seems Diane is a lone voice since the choir moved on.

Snake Oil:
D Anderson: "Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s Q-Comp incentive compensation for teachers is an important step to modernizing our educational system"
ME: Another faked, expensive and failed program...First, teacher incentives or bonuses don't work - studies have proven this. Secondly The OLA report found that of almost 500 Minnesota school districts and charter schools, only 72 are participating in Q Comp this year (they figured out it was snake oil!). Participating districts receive an additional $260 per student. In fiscal year 2009, Q Comp costed the state about $49 million OUCH that's a lot of school books which I hear still work in teaching!

Self Policing:
D Anderson: "Government’s role should be to loosen the tax and regulatory policies that have made health care more expensive."
ME: So we loosen those ‘regulatory policies' in banking… then the housing mortgage industry…and then in off shore drilling…well you get the picture... How's that 'self policing' been working out for Americans? This is text book GOP talking to justify corporation greed over American family needs. Perhaps Diane doesn't mind picking bugs out of her breakfast cereal but most of us understand the need for some government regulations...

Us Verse Them:
D Anderson: "Diane Anderson believes Minnesota's education funding formula must be fixed so that it no longer shortchanges suburban schools'
ME: Tell me again about why it's not about ALL Minnesota schools and just Suburban schools verses rural or urban schools in Minnesota? Of all the teabagger reframes , this one of 'I got mine and don't care about yours' is the most telling about the lack of leadership. Especially when you compare suburban education funding against rural and urban...

On Diane Anderson's website it says "Common Sense Leadership for Common Sense Reform!", unfortunately, we know better based on her failed issue stances that mirrors those of Pawlenty and Kline.

If this is, in fact, a close race, we need to get the word out to voters in the district about Anderson's teabag based leadership.  To do this, Sandra Masin's campaign needs both  volunteers and money....Please help her out by contributing today.

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