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Friday, October 01, 2010

Mixed Bag of Minnesota

Former President Bill Clinton made a stop in town for Dayton ...and then I thought, well VP Biden was here...so maybe Minnesotans will see Obama come to town for Dayton...then I read the Borowitz Report...that guy is so freaking funny...and sometimes even true!
“We were sitting around thinking of who we could put out there on the campaign trail to get people energized again,” said party chairman Tim Kaine.  “And then I was like, what about that guy who played Obama in ’08?  He was amazing!”
So let get it going now... I really really really want Obama to come stump for Mark Dayton...you know, that guy who played Obama in 2008:-)

Mark Dayton has a nearly unbeatable 11% lead of Emmer...With 30 days to go, looks like the Democratic drought of 24 years is about to get rained on! The last time Minnesota had a Democratic Governor and two Democratic Senators was in 1978.
"With your help, we'll build a better Minnesota by investing in education, creating new jobs, and providing affordable health care.We hope that you'll join us".
Hell yes, I'm with Mark Dayton!

And oh, yeah, Michele Bachmann...as Garrison Keillor says, Michele Bachmann Is 'Embarrassing'. It's one thing to have a crazy person full of entertaining stories that play loose with the truth, it's another to elect them to office representing Minnesota.

Congressman John Kline (R-MN-02) still freeloading by not working to bring back our federal tax dollars...there is an alternative who promises to actually try and get funding for transportation, small business, roads and schools...

Got to go...throwing a 'Emanuel left the White House, now let the walls come tumbling down' party...Enjoy your weekend...

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