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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Significant Find On Mars?

What's up on Mars?

NASA Schedules Briefing to Announce Significant Find on Mars
"NASA hosts a news briefing at 1 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Dec. 6, to present new science results from the Mars Global Surveyor. The briefing will take place in the NASA Headquarters auditorium located at 300 E Street, S.W. in Washington and carried live on NASA Television:

"The agency last week announced the spacecraft's mission may be at its end. Mars Global Surveyor has served the longest and been the most productive of any spacecraft ever sent to the red planet. "

Could it be....they've discovered more regarding the 'Cydonia face'?!

It is generally understood to be an optical illusion, an example of pareidolia. A few, most notably Richard C. Hoagland, believe it to be evidence of a long-lost Martian civilization along with other features they believe are present, such as apparent pyramids, which they argue are part of a ruined city.
Or is it something else like finding a 750 mile fence to keep illegal earthlings out? Or perhaps they've found signs of life from discarded cigarette butts at the base of pyrimids. Or maybe it's just how Marvin the Martian said:
"K9 do you suppose all earth creatures behave like thataway?"

To answer, yes, sigh, sadly, we do.

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