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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Faribault Daily News Jeers Pawlenty

In their Cheers & Jeers article in Saturday's edition of the Faribault Daily News - they Jeer Tim Pawlenty. Here's what they said (taken from the Faribault Daily News, November 26, 2005 edition):

"Jeers to Gov. Tim Pawlenty and his administration for taking no responsibility for rising property taxes around the state. The state Department of Revenue reported that property taxes will jump an average of 10.2 percent next year thanks to school levies and hikes in city and county taxes. It's true local governments set property taxes, but many local governments are increasing taxes to offset burdens passed down from the state in one way or another. Taxes are the result of many factors, including decisions made by state leaders, and the Pawlenty administration cannot absolve itself of all responsibility like they are trying to do."

Can you say trickle down taxation?

Ironically, on the same page was a letter to the editor from our State Auditor - Pat Anderson talking about "Truth-in-Taxation Hearings" being held locally, dealing with how the local governments impose taxes on its citizens. It seems that the Pawlenty administration is now shifting the spot light off of his lack of leadership to trying to turn the heat up on the local governments in regards to taxes. Read the letter "Attend Hearings" for yourself.

Do you remember "No new taxes."
What will Pawlenty say about his broken promise?
Maybe he'll say: I cannot control local government, in regards to taxes... If you hear this, you know it's another lie!

There's no excuse for Pawlenty's lack of leadership - none! Our local governments should not have to be put in a spot where they have to constantly raise taxes. The leadership should come from the top officer in the State - the Governor!

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