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Monday, November 07, 2005

Coleen Rowley: The Real Thing

There's a posting at Daily Kos on Coleen Rowley (CD2 Congressional Candidate), saying Coleen is the 'Real' thing.

Maureen Dowd did an OpEd, in the NY Times. She was relating women she thought were heros. On the list was Minnesotan Coleen Rowley.

Coleen risked a twenty year career at the FBI to do what she thought was ethically correct. She was in Time as 'Women of the Year' for 2002.

And not satisfied to leave it at that, Ms. Rowley running as a Democrat for congressional office in Minnesota's second district. She's going up against GOP John Kline who has sullied his name by voting straight bush/delay agenda.

Judging from all the GOP party hacks that have lined up to take a shot at Coleen in recent weeks, they must be worried she'll win! Even the ever poisenous Ann Coulter has chimed in and taken a swipe at Rowley for being 'too right' (there's just no winning with these folks!)....fortunately for those of us in the second district, Coleen Rowley is the 'Real' thing!

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