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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bush Drives Up the Cost of Local Eggs!

Bush is coming.
Do I buy the eggs now or wait?
Ahhhhhhh, guess I better get them now...
Imagine the run on eggs as we get closer to his royal ass appearing in Minneapolis. Local egg vendors could really make a killing by raising their prices. On second thought, given recent polls, they probably will give the eggs out!

It's exciting to have the Bush come to Minneapolis to show that his lack of ethics extends to Mark Kennedy et al.


truthsurfer said...

I plan on being near by (as close as the Feds let protestors)...I'll bring a cardboard cut out of Bush and offer to take pictures of 'Cardboard Bush' with anyone who promises to give $10 (or more) to charity.

I doubt that anyone in the crowd will have the $10,000 it takes to take a picture with Bu$hCo the real Commander and Thief...but at least the money will go to those that are in need instead of big corporations.

Anonymous said...

Turning the tables! Great! I'll be there to have my pic taken.