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Friday, January 07, 2011

This Is The End

Blackbirds fall from the sky on New Year's Eve,
Fish flood up dead from the river the next day,
Turtle Doves dive to their deaths on the streets of Italy the day following that,
Thousands of dead crabs wash ashore in England by the end of the week,
Jackdaws fall dead on cobble roads in Sweden...

Sure these are frightening things but I knew the end was near when I read this...
Global spam e-email levels suddenly fall...

The GOP have the power now, prepare for the end! On a similar note, remember all those newly elected Minnesota representatives who promised to make their number one priority when elected to balance the budget without raising your taxes....well they changed their minds...They much rather address who you sleep with, who you can marry, what medical procedures you can get, who gets to be a citizen and require you to carry ID at all times..rather then take care of the looming budget crisis....fun times for all.

'Ah what do we care' - The Lizard King


Minnesota Central said...

Trematode or other disease could be the cause of bird deaths.

For the past eight years, in each spring and fall, there have been thousands of birds that are found dead in the Mississippi near La Crosse ... this past November, there were about 4,000 corpses were floating in the water above Lock and Dam No. 8.

The culprit is the trematode, an intestinal parasites carried by the faucet snail, an invasive species likely brought to this continent by ships from Europe and Asia. The birds eat the snails and eventually die.

= = =

Regarding the MN Legislature keeping the door open for a Marriage amendment, that should be expected ... they will need to motivate all thier voters and this issue definitely drives votes to Republicans. And remember to bring your photo ID to vote against the amendment.

- - - -

Dayton will have a tough battle on his hands with the GOP controlling the legislature. There will most likely be a shutdown before any resolution ... who will win in the public's mind is anybody's guess ... but it will be resolved. I would be more concerned about how the Republicans in Congress are changing the rules and its impact to the Federal Budget and how that will impact the state.
The House have made Paul Ryan (R-WI) King of the Budget ... they have created a rule that allows him to set the budget within his committee ... so the overall House does not have to vote on it ... essentially it will be approved as a "Deem and Pass" piece of legislation ... meaning that when they voted to give Ryan the Budget authority, they accepted whatever he decides. Remember how Mr. Kline would always complain about powerful committee chairman who control "earmarks", well they have just created a King that controls everything. So, if Ryan wants to cut the Education budget ... that feeds the states, he can.
Second, look what they are doing with HR 2 - the Repeal the "Job-Killing" Healthcare Act (yes, "Job-Killing" is in the title of the bill) ... they had a Rules Committee hearing on Thursday and John Kline testified that this bill should go forward without any amendments. Guess what ? Next week, they will vote on the Repeal bill without holding any committee hearings ...

Remember it is said that power corrupts ... but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible.

Minnesota Central said...

Whatever the Minnesota Legislature may enact could be reflective of what Congress does … and the House of Representatives is wasting no time moving HR 112 to the Judiciary Committee. It’s a pretty simple bill … it determines that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization. John Kline (R-MN-02) is a co-sponsor.
Of course, that just defines human life, it does not provide any healthcare.

Minnesota Central said...

Besides who you can sleep with, etc, ... Republican Repsentatives Steve Drazkowski of Mazeppa, David Hancock of Bemidji, Sondra Erickson of Princeton, and Roger Crawford of Mora introduced the following bill :

HF 64 would make English the official language of Minnesota: “No law, ordinance, order, program, or policy of this state or any of its political subdivisions, shall require the use of any language other than English for any documents, regulations, orders, transactions, proceedings, meetings, programs, or publications, except as provided in subdivision 3.”

This is the third time that Mr. Drazkowski has introduced this type of legislation since he first joined the legislature. Mr. Drazkowski has failed to calculate how much money the state could save if his legislation is approved.