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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's Leftovers

Someone sent me the recipes from the recent 'Hot Dish' bake off that many of Minnesota's national representatives from both sides of the isle participated in. As I don't cook (really I don't!) I replied back (and yes i was being sort of jackass like) that "it would be much more useful to me to receive from them some hot dished legislation meeting some of our current needs rather than a cookbook"...

To which they emailed the following reply: "To be honest, it was more than I thought I would get from any of them"....

Zing, now I know why politics leave such a bitter taste in my mouth.

When is a tax, not a tax?
If it's for rich people or corporations it's a tax and bad and the MN GOP will remove, waive, lower, and legislate it away.

"If it's for the middle class it's called balancing the budget but not a tax and the MN GOP will enact it, charge us, and legislate it into law. Four weeks into the GOP controlled MN House session and they put together HF130.

According to State DFL Chair Brian Melendez:
"This reckless Republican ‘Phase 1’ budget is a high-tax, high-tuition, high-risk bill that asks working Minnesotans to unfairly shoulder most of the budget burden. It is a piecemeal approach that will not responsibly address Minnesota’s budget problems in the long term and will simply pass the buck onto local government and local taxpayers."

As Paul Thissen laments, "We were not elected to play budget whack-a-mole - swinging cuts around willy-nilly, without thought or prioritization, simply whacking at whatever that happens to pop up."

In case you missed the finer points from above...we (the middle class average folks) are the moles. Guess it's better than being ants...keep warm, enjoy the weekend.

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