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Friday, January 21, 2011

Minnesota's Ridiculously Funny

Michele Bachmann is 'Ridiculously' False - (The joke is on us!)
" ...independent fact checkers find that the information she [Bachmann] relies on is often exaggerated, misleading or wrong."

"We have checked her 13 times, and seven of her claims to be false and six have been found to be ridiculously false," - Editor from PolitiFact

Minnesota 'Of and By the Corporations' - (I'd laugh but it hurts!)
"28 Minnesota corporations contributed over $3 million incorporate profits to four independent expenditure groups [during the last election](MinnesotaFuture, Minnesota Forward, Republican Governors Association and Democratic Governors Association). The numbers are much higher because corporations and other groups can avoid disclosure by funneling money through trade associations, like the MN Chamber of Commerce and sham corporations."

LOL at Minnesota's Middle Class Taxpayers! - (Doesn't get any funnier than this!)
At the same time the MN GOP is cutting $200 million in taxes on out of state corporations, they are asking for $200 million from state agencies to offset the cost. So the plan is to maintaining un-allotment levels of government aid and higher education spending, while looking for more cuts to give to the corporations? Guess Grandma will have to forego nursing help, little susy will skip kindergarden, and uncle mike will lose his state job...but what the hey... Corporations will have even higher profits.

Minnesotans Have Silly Drinking Water! - (Something to laugh about around the work water fountain!)
MN Republicans are looking to gut the MRCA which was created in 1976 by DFL Gov. Wendell Anderson, continued by Republican Gov. Al Quie, and made permanent by the Metropolitan Council and the Legislature in 1991. The program has five purposes: to protect a valuable state resource, prevent damage to the river, enhance its public use, protect it was a transportation system and preserve the biology and ecology of the river.

Unfortunately it's missing the 6th purpose of the GOP, which is to profit at any expense. Wonder how much longer we can drink water, eat the fish we catch or enjoy the scenery from the river...Perhaps we can soon watch it catch on fire like Ohio's Cuyahoga River did in 1969.

Minnesota Weather (My smile is frozen in place!)
Minus 24...sigh, keep warm, keep smiling, have a nice weekend.

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