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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday's Thumpings

Doing it Right
If we’re having a recount…then let’s have a recount where all ballots are all counted…even absentee ballots that were improperly rejected by a broken process that includes election judges' clerical errors. Someone’s vote shouldn’t be tossed because someone else made a clerical error. Do the right thing. See video here.

One of these things is not like the other
This is so unfair to single boots everywhere! Ah but I digress…Illinois Governor Rod Blagojewich and MN Senator Norm Coleman have more in common then you think…the latest being a FBI investigation. In both cases the wives seem to have bit parts. Hmm…one more reason to hope Franken in our next U.S. Senator.

Pawlenty to scream about
When Minnesota is facing a projected multi-million dollar budget shortfall, Governor Pawlenty tells us we need to cut services but remains firmly opposed to any tax increases. Yet the wealthy among us ( top 5% ) pay less in taxes than the rest of us including the poorest among us! Check out what Grace Kelly shows on this. Essentially if we taxed the top 5% their fair share, there would be no budget problem.

Ship of Fools
Joe decides to bail but all the wrong reasons.

Government of Fools
So the ‘must have right now’ money is still half unspent with no clear picture of where the spent money went. What I wouldn’t give for a stronger cup of tea right now!

Save the Jeep, Save the Nation
This country should not be spending all of its financial resources salvaging those who destroyed the economy. America needs to invest in what works — its people.- Leo Gerard

Calling it in
You don’t have to call in gay just to demand that everyone in America get equal rights. Do so either way. Tell those that want to dictate everything from your body health to your sexual preference to STFU? And that goes double for those that do it under the guise of being g*dly.

Step away from the edge
Jobless claims jumped to a 26-year high…over half a million collecting unemployment benefits…”Businesses are laying off workers at a fast pace, and finding employment is ever harder for those laid off”. Maybe Obama could start his new job early?

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