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Monday, December 08, 2008

Muddy Waters with Mixed Messages on Monday

Realism + pragmatism + change = Obama’s appointments to date
All are inside the beltway folks with histories of being enablers. Not saying it’s bad especially compared to whom they are replacing but it’s not much of a change from business as usual..Is it? But maybe I’m too cynical and they won’t stick to the conventions of the past…maybe we’ve seen the end of the entropy….or maybe…old dogs can’t learn new tricks…just saying..and hoping steve doesn’t come after me for having an opinion that differs with his!

The recount is winding down…we don’t know the finally outcome waiting: challenges, missing ballots, and a ruling on absentee ballots that should be counted. Maybe a new Senator for the new year? I hope so!

BAWHAHAHA found this entertaining post up on The Bluestem Prairie: News from Minnesota's Fighting First. I guess “there’s alittle REAL SLIM SHADY in all of us”…finally a new blog savior!..er..maybe not…save me please!

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