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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Singing Odetta's Praises

First time I saw Odetta Holmes was in Golden Gate Park…then a few months later in Washington DC…While everyone wants to own the incredible talents of others…with me…I wanted to be Odetta. To be the soulful, powerful, heartfelt, beautiful, insightful, pragmatic songster that allowed us to peak into another world by way of song. Odetta's message was clear, 'be yourself', 'look for goodness', and 'share with others'…

In the Washington Post interview, Odetta theorized that humans developed music and dance because of fear, "fear of God, fear that the sun would not come back, many things. I think it developed as a way of worship or to appease something. ... The world hasn't improved, and so there's always something to sing about."

Amen sister...The angels must surely be celebrating that one of their own has come home to sing with the choir.

I couldn't pick between these two so I posted both ‘House of the Rising Son’ and ‘Careless Love’.

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