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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Senatepaloosa and More Ramblings

Ok the title is a bit far fetch...more like rantings from the mad surfer but you know when it gets to be below zero rantings keep ya warm-)

Cash-in Norm
This is from Fox news! Ouch! Guess that house remodel is going to cost Norm more than just money.

Well, we're here---> somewhere in the recount. Maybe but probably not quite over yet. One wonders when to start addressing Franken as Senator Franken? Might be awhile more as the Coleman campaign is suing to to temporarily stop the process until an official counting procedure is in place, a complaint the Minnesota Supreme Court is entertaining today. Still one wonders if it will be worth it for Norm by the time grand jury convenes to review the illegal funneling of monies?

I’m not surprised that Norm has money woes…It’s hard to live like a rock star on a public servant’s pay. What with weekend trips to Paris, expensive cigars, designer suits, house remodels...Now cash strapped Coleman has decided to use his campaign war chest to pay for his uptown lawyer. Of course the Federal Election Commission might see things differently.

"Many of the allegations against Coleman and his wife pre-date the as-yet undecided race against Franken -- even though Coleman has argued the matter only came to light as a result of the campaign- CBS News Story

While these allegations came to light during the campaign, it clearly is outside the venue of campaigning. I've been involved in several and never saw funding for personal defence by criminal attorney. - just making a point.

Only 12 things?
Mark Morford lists 12 things you could, if you wanted, to throw at Bush…
in his words:

Of course, I officially endorse none of the following far more appropriate, delightfully hurl-able options. Do not ever throw anything at President Bush, because you could get shot or perhaps go to jail for a very long time, which, despite how you'd be hailed a hero worldwide forevermore, would just be no fun at all. Don't do it. Throwing is wrong. OK? throwing reality into his face…but…er keep in mind you could go to jail or be shot.

Many would say it’s a small price to pay for instant fame and glory…just saying-

Let start being accountable for ourselves and others
Hmm…reminds me of the old saying…”I use to be all f@ck up on drugs; Now I’m f@ck on g*d.. There’s so many things wrong with this (well at least $500,000!). Call Amy and let her know your thoughts... just advising-

Not just a pretty face
The 2008 Mug Shots of the Year are now posted at the Smoking Gun…let’s just say that number 20 is an unfair representation of minorities and Obama supporters! And for over half, if they got on the elevator late at night, I would get off immediately...just worried about your safety! -

The Prince of War stumbles
About time…er well really it’s eight years too late but still…it’s about time. I’m guessing ‘prince’ won’t be secretly meeting the Prez at the white house… Blackwater received no-bid contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and post-Katrina New Orleans from the current Bush administration ...just praying for karma to kick their a@s.-

Giving the go-ahead for torture
Tell me we’re going to charge these guys for their crimes and once convicted throw away the keys. At least as prisoners they'll be treated better than this. ...just praying some more for karma to kick their a@s.-

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