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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday's Twinkling Tidbets

This is the John McCain America needs to know.

The Constitution bars holding people indefinitely without cause...yes it does!

A new Gallup poll finds that just nine percent of the American public are “satisfied with the way things are going in the United States — the lowest such reading in Gallup Poll history.

As a reward for the bailout, AIG executives takes a luxury holiday...must be nice.

Do you really want to go there Sarah...really?

R U a hockey mom?

These guys are pros at not stating the obvious and thinking none of us will see the pink elephant in the room.

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Doug Sharp said...

Join the Empty Suits for Coleman Campaign:
Since Coleman needs help buying clothes Franken supporters will start bringing poor Norm old suits. Go buy an old suit at Good Will for 3 bucks, put a huge tag on it saying “Another Empty Suit For Coleman”, and take it to a Coleman rally or to one of his campaign offices.
This will generate great press when a couple hundred people showed up at a Coleman rally or office with suits on hangers. It’s great symbolism and will look good on TV.
Let’s have fun folding up the biggest empty suit in MN! Spread the word!