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Friday, October 03, 2008

Listening To The Lipstick

So yeah I watched part of the debate last night…well not watched but listened while wowing on line…

That Sarah sure does talk pretty and all but gosh darnit not much substance. She’s real cute. Wonder if she could see Russia from the stage? Dontcha wish she get a new cheer? "Drill baby Drill" is getting annoying.

Wowzer! She’s invoked the Almighty Sacred Soccer Mom! (what happen to the All Powerful Hockey Mom?)

Was I the only one that thought it weird that republicans are now saying things about "tax breaks for oil companies" and the "greed and corruption on Wall Street”. Was she really sleeping during the last eight years of the Bush administration and McCain’s total support? Maybe she was living in an altered reality? Well at least her lipstick looks good.

Oops now she’s being feisty not answering questions, but well yaknow, she’s “talking straight to the American people”. How sweet is that schtick.? Yes it’s stupid and inane, but awshucks, she’s so cute when pushed to give facts and followups. Maybe referring back to the days “when men and women were free” will actually cover up her lack of talking points on issues.

Let's see... “country first”, "maverick" and “true patriots"...Thank gosh almighty she finally said "you betcha"…BINGO!

Now I can go back to wowing…but before I do “I wanna give a shout out" to my fellow Night Elfs on Fernis. lol

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