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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Say It's Taint So Joe?!

There's more to Joe than even McCain probably knew. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka "Joe the Plumber" story is marred with mysteries that seem to be unraveling through the netroots with blogs like Daily KOS---remember in the 'good ole days' when the media/press would do their jobs so we didn't have to do it for them?

The media have a responsibility to get the story right especially as they fall over each other to get an interview with Joe. So far, there's little indications they've done anything other than parrot the republican's talking points. They found Joe to be a bright shiny object that they can't put down or ask the questions needed. What a pack of monkeys. But this is a rant for another time...

  • Joe has a state income tax lien of $1,182.98. A representative at the court explained that Wurzelbacher had not paid $1,182.98 of personal income tax. The state filed a lien on January 26, 2007, and the payment remains outstanding.

  • He appears to be a republicant plant, at least he is registered as a republicant party member and had already voted! (so much for that uncommitted gooblegook speak that every network reported!)

  • He doesn't appear to have a license to be a plumber where he lives (which supports that 'too much government' lifestyle he wants.

  • He may be related to John Keating (where he use to live and would explain his moral and ethical shortcomings).

  • He may be connected to a far right India wingnut group (based on his initial voter registration with the Natural Rule party- and no I couldn't make this up if I wanted to...the voices in my head would object).

  • If his story was true, he would have been eligible for an Obama tax cut.

This reminds of earlier times with Tricky Dick...so many lies, told so often it's hard to follow along but fun times for all...

Daily KOS

And why would he pay income tax on the profit of his business?ABC NEWS VIDEO

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