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Friday, October 17, 2008

Flip Flop Friday

Yikes! Next they’ll be coming to take us away!
Minnesotans and the rest of the States are receiving a boat load of robo calls…they are meant to ‘swift boat’ Obama…

Obama Voted To Let Babies Die

Obama And 'Terrorist Bill Ayers'

Dems Want Rights For Enemies

'Hollywood Above America'

Yes sire Nice guy, that McPalin…ethical, honest, keeping his campaign on the high road…NOT.
(hat tip to Blondesense)

My Campaign Message
I'm the TruthSurfer and I approve of this guy as the next Senator from Minnesota!

Follow up on Joe the Plumber…
There’s an old Saturday Night Live (SNL) spoof with Steve Martin on how to make a million dollars and not pay taxes.

“First... make a million dollars."
Sounds a lot like Joe - how to make $250,000 and pay less taxes? First... make $250,0000- lol

There is so many things wrong with this guy, the least of which is his lack of license and training. Joe the Plumber? I don't think so...more like Joe the JackAss!

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