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Friday, October 03, 2008

Hooray For Minnesota's SOS!

And so it continues…Leaving no vote to chance, even Montana will suffer from GOP voter suppression. And in case you’ve never been there…Montana has only three (yes 3!) electoral votes! That alone tells us what a squeaker this race will be and how the GOP plans to cheat their way into office…

Fortunately for Minnesotans we have one of the most honest and moral Secretary of State. Mark Ritchie is the best examples of how important it is to elect officials who will go that extra mile in making sure voting is fair, business like, and not affected by partisan ideology. He’s formed a working partnership with election administrators in all 87 counties within Minnesota. And Mark continues to advocate for paper ballot due to the necessity of doing recounts and ensuring transparency and fairness.

The GOP will still try to suppress the vote as it’s their only chance of winning. Hopefully other states have their own Mark Ritchie watching the voter booths. I shudder to think how things would be if we still had madam Kiffmeyer.

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