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Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Out of Here

Must not feed the Bachman troll

I try not to feed the trolls, but when they are Rep. John Kline's protege Minnesotan Congresswomen Michele Bachmann’s comments from last Friday on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” …well frankly it’s embarrassing for all of us and her neocon insanity shouldn't be ignored.

Who's wearing an orange jumpsuit tonight

Now that a GOP operative has been arrested for voter fraud…I’m sure we’ll hear all about it…as compared to the ACORN faux scandal…


Alway been into it...still am...

The End

Is that a pig flying? Is the neighbor Bob cuddling with my killer burrito dog? Has the field rats come inside this fall to gnaw through our family resources…(ok it's weak but it is all there in my dreams)…and apparently Amy Goodman is having the same visions only with sea smurfs….coincidence? I don’t think so.

Going South

Growing up the euphemism 'things going south', meant they were falling apart/failing...an understatement for our economy.

I checked my well being today (stock, 401, money market) and I believe that 'going south' might be the only way to survive this mess.

Foreclosures, prices still falling, banking system crumbling, stocks declining and soon all of us will feel the strain and pain of a massive economic collapse. Nobody officially has even stated we're in a recession yet alone a collapse, but heed the omens...

In August, consumer credit fell by $7.9 billion - the most seen since records began in 1943. In a nut shell... as credit freezes up, US consumers stop buying, and that's bad news for...
the rest of the world...because when we can't buy, they don't make money...yep global melt down...

So yeah, was thinking of moving somewhere warmer, somewhere south... but it appears my assets will be headed there first - lol.

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