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Monday, March 10, 2008

What's Your Flavor?

Unlike some Democrats like aka TS Blogger Mr. Blue...I don't have to support my candidate by negative attacks on their competition. Sure campaigns will say it's the only way to win, and pollster say that's how to make up ground when you're behind and politicos will say look at how it helped BushCo but...well,look at BushCo! Do you really want to use his playbook (or Cheney or Rove!). Stop with the negative and start listing the positives...at least for the candidate you support. Rejoice in our richness as Democrats and stop the whining Mr. Blue.

Regardless of which Presidential candidate wins (Clinton or Obama), Deomocrats win. It's like being asked to choose between two favorite flavors of your favorite ice cream...strawberry or french vanilla. Which ever one we get, WE WIN!

Either flavor ice cream will beat out the two week old overcooked now reheated liver being offered up by the NeoCons...So rejoice in our richness as Democrats and eat your ice cream without barfing because you don't like my choice. It's how adults should conduct themselves.


blue fortitude said...

T&J - I wrote from a perspective of how I was feeling - I was feeling very ill (this was my emotion at the time - my feelings). Being bombarded daily with the various negative campaign tactics and statements coming out of Clinton's campaign towards Obama, makes me sick. One Democrat throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at another.

You are OK with the following:

"I think it's imperative that each of us be able to demonstrate we can cross the commander-in-chief threshold, and I believe that I've done that. Certainly, Sen. McCain has done that, and you'll have to ask Sen. Obama with respect to his candidacy," - Hillary Clinton

Isn't this giving McCain something that he can use during the general election against the Democratic candidate???

From a party stand point I feel this is treason (a crime of betraying one's party).

Why in the world would you EVER say such a thing?

As Senator Clinton's spiel about the sky opening up and the light shining through (which really offended me) was using humor, my "I'm going to BARF!!" posting was too using humor to get the TRUTH out.

You want to know why I'm supporting Obama I'll show you why - keep your eye on TS blog...

Awakening said...

Dream Team Ice Cream "SPUMONI"!
Thank You Truth & Justice for this fun ice cream thought! I love the (D)ivesity within the Democratic Party and whichever candidate wins the party nomination, we 'All' Win!