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Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm going to BARF!!

I am now totally sick... Sick and tired of the Clinton campaign tactics.

I am getting to the point where the little shred of respect I have left for Clinton is going leave me before I can make it to the toilet.

You want to know why I'm ready to BARF?

Here we go - the sickening details:

1. Clinton aide compares Obama to Kenneth Starr

Oh, it gets worse...

2. Clinton and NAFTA

Are you feeling queasy?? Hold on there's more...

3. Rules are rules, unless you're a Clinton
Howard Dean:
"The rules were set a year and a half ago," Dean said. "Florida and Michigan voted for them, then decided that they didn't need to abide by the rules. Well, when you are in a contest you do need to abide by the rules. Everybody has to play by the rules out of respect for both campaigns and the other 48 states."

Could it get worse??? GRAB YOUR BUCKETS!!!

4. Hillary praises McCain while questioning Obama's security creds

I'll write more about #4 tomorrow... I'm too sick to go into how I totally feel about it.

I better go to bed...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you blog about why you support your candidate Obama...instead of tearing down the candidate it don't support? I support Hillary, I find her to be engaging, experience, exciting, hardworking and inspiring. I also agree with many of her issue stances.

I could go on to tell you why I don't support Obama but don't feel the need to beat up one of our own like the rove playbook would have us do...the question is...why do you?

blue fortitude said...

The TRUTH of the matter is in the links I provided. I wrote this posting with how I was feeling at the time. We have seen the Republican "Swift Boating" playbook ripped out of the hands of Rove by the Clintons. I'm sorry, but the TRUTH is out there... I feel the need to bring the TRUTH forward.

How many bridges will Senator Clinton burn? How many Democratic bridges? When is enough, enough.

She has continually belittled the politics of hope. Her and Bill have tried stabbing the politics of hope in the heart. I have talked with numerous "former" supporters of Senator Clinton's. Why are they "former supporters" because of her campaign's negative attacks on her fellow DEMOCRATIC opponent.

The one great thing about the politics of hope is that no matter how much other's try to kill it, it won't die. NOT now, NOT EVER!

"Why don't you blog about why you support your candidate Obama...instead of tearing down the candidate it don't support?"

Why doesn't Senator Clinton talk about what she will do as President without "tearing down" her opponent? Is she unable to get the votes by discussing her stance over "tearing down" her opponent?

I feel there's a double standard coming from your side?

Sometimes, the politics of hope has to fight back against LIES… using the TRUTH! Check out the stories that the links take you to, then tell me who’s being negative and who’s “tearing down” who!!!