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Friday, March 28, 2008

A Dimly Lit Bulb

In these dark times which we live, it's sure comforting that we have some light shining from the dim bulbs... Minnesota's 6th Congressional District's congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is barely shining with her "Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act". Yes folks it's true. Michelle Bachmann is very concerned over light bulbs. The economy is in the tank, 4,000 plus young men and women have died in the mess we call Iraq and Ms. Bachmann wants the government to turn the lights off on the compact fluorescent bulbs...

Bachmann's concern is over the mercury in fluorescent bulbs... I love this quote in response from the Star Tribune's article:

"There is 200 times more mercury in each filling in Congresswoman Bachmann's teeth than there is in a compact fluorescent light bulb," said Julia Bovey, a spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Catch the whole story here

Someone isn't playing with full wattage...

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