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Monday, April 23, 2007

Will Ciresi Put In An Appearance?

I see that Ciresi is running for office again. Well thats good because he'll be looking for support, so maybe this year he'll actually show up at his own caucus! No seriously, I don't run with the millionaire attorney club and Ciresi is too busy to mingle with the 'potluck and hotdish' crowd so our paths don't cross very often. The only time I've seen him is when there's something in it for him (never a positive to a grassroots activist with a memory) or...when the DFL is handing awards for his generous support ( I'll let you decide what that means).

There are people that I respect supporting Ciresi but when I ask them why they are never very specific just the usually 'He's a good guy' or 'You would like him, he's really fun and has done alot for Democrats'. In fact if your one of my regular two visitors, and you know more about him...post it up. I'm interested in finding out more but really this guy has already pretty much gotten my vote by this tirelessly helping out all last year to fund raise for smaller DFL units..and of course, the twinkle in his eye!

I suppose Franken could just whip out the checkbook like Ciresi rather than spending his time and energy with the grassroots, but he made the choice to actually work with those at the bottom of the political chain. I'll have to remember to ask him if he participated in his local caucus last year. lol.

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