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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kill 'Em All, Let The NRA Sort 'Em Out

Before Bush spoke about the mass murders at Virginia Tech this week, I heard his spokesperson make a comment about how Bush still supports the right to own a gun (even before a statement regarding the lost of life!)...Then numerous blogs and Wisconsin state Rep. Frank Lasee and the NRA come out and say that if only everyone (especially the teachers) had guns, then this could have been prevented...

Duh, you don't think this kid is the only mentally off-balanced person on the planet, do you? Isn't it possible there are people barely functioning that could be just a 'gun away' from flipping out and also shooting up the place? And that some of those folks might be teachers?
Arming everyone would turn our society into the wild west (or maybe closer to Iraq). Personally I don't want my kid going to a school where ANYONE has a gun and I seriously wonder about a parent that would advocate all the adults at his kid's school carry guns. Do you really trust all those school officials? Reminds me of the saying, kill 'em all, let g*d sort them out"...unfortunately this jerk-kneed saying that doesn't resolve, change, improve, or show any moral responsibility for problems...kinda like calling for janitors in schools to be armed.

And before you start writing that I'm against a constitutional right, let me state...I'm not. I just think you shouldn't be allowed to sell guns to people with a history of crime, or mental health issues, or underage, or with known violence ties. And a 24 hour background check would allow for that...simple...easy...SAFE for all of us. There will still be incidences where guns can be stolen or gotten illegally, but they will be fewer than arming every adult.
Beside Bush has ignored and broken so many of our constitutional rights, what's one more...

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whats your problem with god?