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Monday, April 09, 2007

Fallen Heroes, Treated Like Luggage

Wonder why the administration didn't want photos taken of our fallen heroes and their homecomings? It was because they were being treated like luggage. Loaded onto commercial flights where the luggage is stored. Handled by baggage handlers and forklifts. Enough to make your blood boil?

Thank God for a father and the Congress. Read what happened after a father's campaign and the Congress passing a law: Respecting Their Ultimate Sacrifice

A Special Comment:

Dear Commander in Chief, aka: the President,

How DARE YOU! Have you no decency. YOU send our brave men and women into war. YOU are quick to use them as YOUR OWN PERSONAL political pawns. YOU do not make sure they have the proper training, nor armor, nor equipment. YOU are "in charge". How DARE YOU!!

One has to ask:
When you go and visit the troops, do you look into their eyes? Do you see the hell you've sent them to? Do you see the love these sons and daughters have for life and family? Do you see human beings that deserve the greatest respect in life and death that a country should give? Do you see hope?

Or do you see political pawns, a photo opportunity?

Your actions, sir, speak louder than your words.

Our soldiers are human beings. They breathe, they love, they cry, they hurt, they laugh. They have families and friends. They are more than just an Army of one. They are part of a precious network delicately weaved as a beautiful spider's web. They are parts of our communities, our churches, our country’s identity.

For YOU to disrespect their ultimate sacrifice, as your administration has done, is beyond comprehension and is not forgivable.

I don’t know what else to say. Those poor families that had to witness their loved one being removed from commercial airlines with fork lifts and by baggage handlers.

Those poor families.


Michael M said...

Political pawns and a photo op... this sounds a lot like Joe Repya's actions at Congressman Kline's Town Meeting last week. Repya is running for MN GOP Party Chair and used a mother's personal tragedy to try and score political points.

truthsurfer said...

There's a special place reserved for those that disrespect our sons and daughters...it will be right next to those that try and politicalize and use them for their greed. It's hard not to hate when you realize the pain and suffering they have cause so many families even in a time of grief.

It's so wrong...and unjust...and unAmerican...I'm ashamed at what our country has become at the hands of this pretender-in-chief.