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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Kline Event

Six weeks and 700+ signatures later, Rep. John Kline finally held his much awaited town meeting. While very tightly controlled by the Kline camp down to not allowing anyone in advance outside the 'Kline secret cabal' to know or have input into the forum's format or the tight hampering of media coverage(media on a short chain!), it was at the very least a start in opening dialog between Kline and his constituents.

Sure it would be easy to compare Kline's ONE town meeting to his peers...like Rep. Jim Ramstad who routinely holds them several times a year (three this week alone!) or newly elected Rep. Keith Ellison or Tim Walz, hosting a dozen or more between them within the next two weeks...but hey you have to start somewhere...and ONE, while a baby step, is a start.

As an FYI to Kline and his staff the 'Tele-Town Meetings' aren't really Town Meetings and don't count...(Just what is this thing you have with trying to control everything?!). We want you in a room with your constituents, answering to them...like the rest of the Minnesota Congressional folks...please!

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