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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kersten's Pretty-Pink Promises Of Romance

While I have no problem with including abstinence in sex education, only the flat-earth society and Katherine Kersten could continue to support 'abstinence only' in place of a comprehensive sexual education program for Minnesota's schools.

Also the citing of an Heritage Foundation report shows that Katherine seriously lacks the mentality of a gnat...Duh?! using a social conservative think tank from WA, DC to determine policy is much better than...facts? Get real girl, your outdated values regarding sex is deadly in the age of AIDS.

I love being a women, having sex, being in a committed relationship for over 30 years...and I want the same for my daughters... but I'm realistic enough that they need to know all the facts not just the stylized pretty-pink promises of romance. Teach your Harlequin romance 'fluff' but don't forget to include reality.

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Tedj said...

I dunno...Every 20-25 year old woman I've ever met who claims she is a virgin, is in my expereince either lying, denying, or outright ugly.