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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You Don't Get Nothing For Nothing!

Okay Steal This Paper’ is bad enough…
Any odds takers on...

When will the MN Star start charging an employee 'user fee' * for using the toilets at work? Will toilet paper be included in the cost or will employees have to make use of 'other' paper options?

"ABOUT a month ago, The Star Tribune in Minneapolis let it be known that, as a cost-cutting effort, free copies of the newspaper would no longer be broadly available around the newsroom.

Instead, the staff was offered an electronic edition of the paper — "an exact digital reproduction of the printed version," no less — that they could access online. Those who insisted on seeing the fruits of the their labors in its physical form were told that they could purchase copies for 25 cents, half the retail cost, from boxes around the office. (This change in policy was first reported by City Pages in Minneapolis.)"

*'User Fee' not to be confused with Tim Pawlenty's 'User Fee'. Really it's not a tax on sh*t..er..well okay that analogy didn't work!

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