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Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday's MN Roundup

Spring into the weekend and have fun!

MN DNC Delegates Clean Up!
The RNC calls it "political posturing...."
Democrats call it "citizenship."
While in New Orleans for the spring DNC meeting… Groups of Democratic delegates including Minnesota's delegates Nancy Larson, Rick Stafford, Ken Foxworth, and Jackie Stevens will clean up lawns and clean out, stabilize and demolish homes in disrepair. Some will distribute clothing and other necessities to victims and pack groceries for the needy.
Keep in mind, these Democratic delegates are the cream atop the Democratic jar. National officers and their staff. National Committeemen and Committeewomen. Elected officials from across the nation. The 'elite,' if you will. Making us proud, and helping our nation heal. Call it Reason I'm A Democrat Number…well, I've lost count. But it's a big one. Hat Tip to Upper Left
Mark Kennedy (R -MN) is So Very Special
It’s no secret that Mark Kennedy is among the top three recipients to receive special interest monies from Ideology/Single-Issue groups. So far in 2006 Kennedy has received. $247,800.00 from these PACs. Wonder what they expect in returned?

John Kline (R -MN) is Bush's Favorite Lapdog
According to the Star Tribune, Kline had the highest level of support for Bush last year at 89 percent, down from 94 percent in 2004.

HEA Denies over 200,00 Students Pell Grants
In Minnesota 2,503 students have been denied pell grants because they had prior drug convictions. These grants can decide whether some students (especially those that are poor!) will attend college.

Under a little known provision of the Higher Education Act (HEA), nearly 200,000 would-be college students have been declared ineligible to receive the federal ļ¬nancial aid they need to attend school because they have drug convictions on their records.

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