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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

New numbers in the Horse Race

Hatch leads and Kelley tied with Pawlenty in latest Rasmussen Poll.

Hatch 45%

Pawlenty 40%

Kelley 42%

Pawlenty 42%

Bad news again for Pawlenty. Still polling in the low 40s is a bad sign for an incumbent. Where's Lourey? - Good question. This poll is especially good for Hatch, showing a very strong general favorability rating for him at 60%

I think that this 60% is the most interesting thing in all of this. I personally don't have very positive feelings towards the guy, not that I have to like a guy personally to be happy to vote for them, but there is a very loud group of people who just cannot stand him. I still have yet to hear why this is, or even figure out myself why I do not like him much, but that is my problem I guess. This poll does suggest that a Hatch has very positive support in the general public, and that is good for the DFL.

Hatch has got to get a new website, man it stinks.


Anonymous said...

Dude, your posting poll numbers that are two months old. There was a poll by Zogby within the past week that has Lourey fairing better than Kelley in the head-to-head with Pawlenty and Hatch behind Pawlenty.

Ag said...

This poll was released on Feb28 (that is not two months by the way), yes that is not the "most recent" poll, but many people have problems with the Zogby methodology, I figured it was worth the post. Oh, and if you would scroll down the blog, you will see a post with the Zogby results too. None of these matter in detail, all you can really read is the trends. The constant trend, from this one, and the one from Zogby show Pawlenty in trouble.

so, to put it short - so what??