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Monday, April 03, 2006

Republicans Need To Scrape The Sh*t Off Their Shoes

I turned on the TV this morning while making the coffee. Looks like the 'maintream media' will be aiding Bush in his delusion that all in Iraq is hunky dory and what corruptions exist is spread equally throughout the political arena But not so fast... It's time to confront the 'liberal' media bias and brand it for what it really is!

Take a look at this. It's Maeve Reston's article at the P-G describing how the Senate has approved new rules about lobbying because of Abramoff and Cunningham. Notice that not once is the word "Republican" used. The closest Reston gets is when mentioning the Republican members of Congress. But let's remember friends, that the Abramoff and Cunningham scandals are Republican scandals.

If you didn't know , Reston's piece presents Abramoff as an equal opportunity briber (which he wasn't) or that the lobbying corruption is shared in equal parts by both parties (which it isn't). In this piece it looks like the Senate has come together in a bipartisan way to clean up a bipartisan mess. Uh-uh. Not true. It was a partisan mess; A Republican partisan mess. Say after me...it was Republican all the way!

While Republicans would just as soon put newspaper over their sh*t (out of sight- out of mind), the Democrats want to get it cleaned up before it smells and stains the carpet.

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