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Monday, April 24, 2006

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Fried Rice
Lobbyists' Lawyers Say Rice Leaked Information. They intended to prove that senior administration officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, provided the lobbyists with some of the sensitive information. Looks like she has lots in common with Libby and Rove and Cheney Bush....and Mary McCarthy...

The firing of Mary McCarthy, a senior CIA official who apparently leaked information to Washington Post reporter Dana Priest about the CIA's secret prisons, may turn out to be an explosive story, especially if the Bush administration pursues criminal charges against her I'm wondering if they will fire....Rice or Rove or (fill in any Bu$hCo name) or have we reached the apex of John Edward's two Americas? But there is a major difference...

McCarthy’s firing last week was a political hit by Bu$hCo because she was a Kerry supporter and was a holdover from the Clinton Administration. The White House is saying there are good leaks and bad leaks. And leaking about CIA abuses is not the same as leaking to discredit a policy critic. Hmm interesting take...wonder if that will be their defense. "I'm a decider and good leaker" because something tells me Mary has no intention of taking her secret decoder rings and go home.

Does this elevator go to the basement?
President Bush’s job approval rating slipped this week and stands at a new low of 33 percent approve, down from 36 percent two weeks ago and 39 percent in mid-March. A year ago this time, 47 percent approved and two years ago 50 percent approved (April 2004).

Oops, this just in CNN has him at 32...going down.

Why 'They' won't replace Rummy
Josh Marshall on why they don't want anyone to replace Rumsfeld:
With Rumsfeld, or any other cabinet secretary, there's a related problem -- the importance of which has, I think, not been fully appreciated or aired. If Rumsfeld goes, you need to nominate someone else and get them through a senate confirmation. That means an open airing of the disaster of this administration's national security policy. Every particular; all about Iraq. Think how much they don't want that ...

You've come a long way, baby!
This is pretty ridiculous. Joe Scarborough devoted several minutes of his show to the comparative housekeeping abilities of Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush.

More of the same.

Neil Young’s blog
All your Living With War news in one one handy link. Look for a link coming (28th) to download some of the album.

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