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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Campaign Websites

There has been a bit of talk about different candidate websites. Some are good, some are bad (but improving), but I want to ask a question to the netroots what makes a good website and why.

My personal favorite candidate website is this. Now, don't get all over me about who it is for, her future is something I am NOT talking about here, but her website is the best I have seen. I wish others would follow her lead on this.

Why do I like it? Mainly because of the "Action Center" this feature is a powerful tool for the netroots interact with the grassroots all to support the candidate. This entire site is designed to be used by supporters and is much more than an information and messaging tool. I could go on with some of the other features, but man whoever set this up for her knows their stuff.



Ag said...

What about them do you like and why? And no this is not about issues, people or parties, just websites and why they are good. I am actually not even that interested in the bad ones and why they suck, just what tools to the good ones have and why they work.


Ag said...

and I would like to focus on campaign sites, but that is not that big of a deal.